Making a Donation

Donations are to be made to the Rotary Club of Sydney as they handle all monetary donations on our behalf as we are not an organisation, just a bunch of blokes trying to help out a fellow Aussie in times of hardship.

Rotary Bank Details

BSB: 062 438

ACC: 10211156

Description: Drought Appeal

Or send Cheques Payable to “The Rotary Club of Sydney “Drought Appeal” Post to Rotary Club of Sydney, GPO Box 1523, Sydney NSW 2001.

BHR PayPal Account:

If you wish to make a donate by your Paypal account or credit card please click on the link below. This money is forwarded to Rotary Club of Sydney.



  1. Hi there
    Can you tell me please if the donations pay for hay or just fuel/transport costs? Or does it only cover the fuel and do the truckers have to find their own hay?
    Can you please advise where the hay is donated from? Thank you

    1. All our hay is donated. It comes from other farmers around Australia that can give what they can to their mates in need.
      Al money raised via the Rotary Club of Sydney is used for fuel to get the hay where it’s needed. Each truck costs is between $2500-$3000.

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